Rolls of Fabric

Welcome to Dryden House Stitching, a contract stitching shop owned and operated by Rex Richards. Dryden House specializes in short to medium sized production runs of fabric-based product, working with entreprenuers to develop and establish their products for the marketplace. In addition to labor, we also provide insight on production techniqes, materials acquisition and design. Some clients have very specific ideas and knowledge about their product look and production, while others appreciate guidance on sewing and production techniques. Many clients are small or new businesses that benefit from our personal attention. Operating from an in-home shop in southern Maine, Dryden House is available for various one time or one-of-a-kind projects as well as production relief for established businesses.

Rex Richards has over 20 years of stitching experience in both custom and production manufacturing settings, producing costuming, tailoring and alterations, sailmaking, marine canvas and upholstery, awnings, canopies, and light luggage. Rex has a working knowledge of patterning and construction, and can often replicate items from an existing model, or create new design prototypes.

Dryden House uses light industrial needle feed machines, designed for high speed production, capable of handling anything from feather weight silk organza, to two or three layers of cotton duck, with various specialty attachments to meet speciific needs.

Vintage sewing machine
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